Henshaw's School of Martial Arts - Teaches Self confidence, Respect and Fitness, as well as self defence and avoidance techniques, in a fun atmosphere  - its not all kicking and punching!

We are a traditionally styled Martial Arts School based in Aspley, Nottinghamshire.  We train in mainly in Chu'an Fa Kung Fu, but also hold black belts in arts including Ju-Jitsu, Kobudo and Atemi Jutsu.

We welcome any new members. Should you be interested, please come along to the Bells Lane Community Center to have a chat.  There is no initial membership fee and the first lesson is free. However, a membership form will need to be completed before training commences.
(Please note, anyone under 16 wishing to join,  must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who must sign your membership form before you may participate.)

We train Traditional Kung Fu on Wednesdays 
6:30 pm till 8:30 pm 
Ages six and up


Ladies Self Defence on Thursdays 
7:00 pm till 8:30 pm 
Ages 14 and up

All lessons are £3.50 per student

Teaching Through Fun!

We believe everyone learns through fun.  We understand that people do not want to learn in a negative atmosphere of being shouted at.  We aim to break that idea, as this is not something we sign up to.  Martial arts should be fun, enthusiastic and create happiness.  We aim to keep a lighthearted atmosphere which encourages learning, personal growth and a sense of achievement.  

Bells Lane Community Centre, Amesbury Circus, Cinderhill, Nottingham NG8 6DD,                                          07854 074 889